Jarogo Valley is rarely known but one of the most fascinating, exciting and relatively easier destinations in Swat Valley. The biggest charm of this valley is the breathtaking waterfalls. These superb waterfalls are located at the end of the valley in a thickly forested gorge. If you are planning a trip to Swat, try to spare a day for this unique one-day adventure.

The Jarogo Valley is in tehsil Matta of Swat district. Jarogo Valley is accessible by public transport from Mingora as well as own transport. The last part of the valley may require to hire a private or public 4×4 jeep due to the road conditions. The best option is to reach the beautiful Beha Village by public or own transport which is an easy drive of about one hour from Mingora city. From Mingora, the road to Kanju and Saidu Sharif (airport) leads to Matta and takes about 20 to 30 mints. From Matta a smooth road leaves the main bazaar to Beha and Jarogo Valley. This is a scenic drive of half an hour through the naturally rich towns and villages.

There is a police check post in Beha where identification and visitor’s entry is required. The Beha is a scenic village with fresh air, water streams and forests on the slopes of mountains. There is a trout fish farm at about 15 minutes’ walk from the bazaar which offers interesting trout farming exposure and deliciously fried trout! The people of Beha are highly hospitable and eager to help visitors. There is a bazaar and a public van stand in Beha, ask for the road conditions ahead and get a public or private jeep if locals recommend so. It’s better to carry some food to avoid any difficulties in case the only en-trek restaurant is closed.

Before start the hiking towards the Waterfalls, it requires further half an hour drive from Beha. The hike is along the water stream. In a sunny day, the initial 15 to 20 minutes’ hike may be difficult. But once in the airy gorge with spring and pine trees on the slopes, it’s a magnificent adventure. The total hiking can be 30 to 90 minutes depending on the fitness, stamina and weather. A small open air restaurant is built at the start of the forest with availability of tea, drinks and snacks. In start or end of the season, the restaurant may be closed so carrying appropriate food is a good idea. This place is suitable for camping as well.

The cold water spring requires frequent crossings from one side to another to proceed further. Waterproof and solid rubber sole shoes are recommended for this trek. It requires a steady ascend on the zigzag trek for about 20 minutes for the first views of a large waterfall dropping from an extreme height. In a forested gorge with plenty of fresh air, vegetation and comfy climate, it is a unique view of an amazing waterfall. Moving close to the waterfall increases the size of waterfall, noise, coldness and the second waterfall on the left. The gorge is closed with by a high ridge with trees on the top and two marvelous waterfalls are dropping down.

The Jarogo Waterfalls are a famous destination for domestic visitors from across the Swat and surrounding areas. Cooking, camping, singing and bathing are common activities performed by the local visitors. The interest of domestic and outside visitors is always a good sign for tourism and local economy but it must also be carried out with responsibility. While having fun right under the waterfalls, please be environment and tourism friendly. Do not cut the wood for fire and carry back the wastes with you to leave this natural wonder clean.

Jarogo Waterfalls definitely deserve to be in the list of top 5 waterfalls in Pakistan. For nature lovers and moderate adventure lovers this is an ideal trek. For experienced and extreme trekkers, this trek may lead to several other long treks as well. Other trekking possibilities are Jahaz Banda in Upper Dir, Gabin Jabba and Bahrain in Swat and Kandol Lake in Utror valley. For these multi-day treks, a local guide is recommended along with complete gear and preparations.

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