The K2 winter attempt fever is high among a dozen countries to be the first ones to summit it in the winter. Most of the climbers are aiming for a no-O2 summit. The 8,611m K2 is the only peak that has never been conquered in the winter season. And this becomes one of the biggest challenges for veteran climbers from around the world.

According to the Adventure Club of Pakistan (ACP), the international expedition included climbers from Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Bulgaria besides scores of Nepali Sherpas who will accompany the climbers and assist them with fixing ropes along the route. Several more climbers are also expected to join the expedition in coming days.

Several seasoned climbers like Waldemar Kowalewski from Poland and Ali Sadpara from Pakistan are part of this challenging expedition. The winter ascent on K2 is one of the toughest climbs where climbers have to brave extreme weather conditions such as hurricane strong winds and below 20 to 30 degrees Celsius temperatures and fatigue.

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