Karimabad Hunza Travel Guide

Karimabad – Hunza Valley Travel Guide

Karimabad is one of the most famous towns in Gilgit-Baltistan. Located under the snow packed Ultar Mountain (7388 m) in Hunza valley, this town is awesome in scenery and tourist facilitation. The altitude of Karimabad is 2450 meters and it offers superb views to a number of mountain peaks and vast…

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Leepa Valley travel guide

Leepa Valley Travel Guide

In the presence of Neelum Valley, it’s very difficult to take eyes away from the majestic splendors of this top ranked belt. This valley remained and will remain the first priority for the travelers of Azad Kashmir. But for those who consider the less known but unique destinations, Jhelum Valley…

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Karore Ban Road

Karore-Ban Road: A Tranquil Route to Murree

To access the areas of natural beauty, exploring the alternatives to the known highways and main roads is a common hobby among the adventure seekers. Many of the enthusiastic bikers and rough and tough drivers opt for a challenging yet attractive drive to the higher destinations. This alternative to the…

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Kaghan Valley Travel Guide

Naran – Kaghan Valley Travel Guide

Naran is the ultimate name which brings energies, thrill and adventure to the youth of Pakistan. In the recent years, the Kaghan valley emerged as the biggest attraction for the family holidays, jeep safaris, trekking, camping and a number of exciting outdoor activities. The variety of natural attractions including pine…

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Astore valley travel guide

Astore Town Travel Guide

Astore Town is renowned for its versatile natural beauty and access to a number of world’s unique mountain attractions. This beautiful mountain town is located at an altitude of 2600m with availability of basic necessities, communication and routine business facilities. The Shina is the common language while Urdu is the…

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Confluence of mountain ranges

Gilgit Town Travel Guide

The Gilgit Town is situated at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level. The weather is hot in June to August and freezing from December to end to February. Shina is the local and common language while Urdu and English languages are also spoken in the urban areas. Gilgit…

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Skardu Travel Guide

Skardu Town Travel Guide

The capital of Baltistan and a major town of Gilgit-Baltistan province, the Skardu is a well established mountain city. Skardu is about 10 kilometers wide and 40 kilometers long valley at the confluence of the Indus River and the Shigar River. At an altitude of 2,500 meters, the Skardu town…

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Murree Hills Evening

Murree – The Queen of Hills

Pakistan’s most popular and mesmerizing hill station Murree is an ideal family holidays spot. A broad area from Murree to Galiat is predominantly a population of pine and oak forested mountains. In addition to the dense natural brilliance, the Murree is equally rich in tourist amenities.  Due to well constructed…

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shausar lake deosai

Shausar Lake, Deosai

Shausar Lake is the biggest charm for tourists visiting one of the highest plateaus of the world. This lake is renowned for its magnificence, size and location among the high altitude wetlands lovers. The deep blue water and the dense green grassy boundaries of the lake add an enormous grandeur…

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Hushe Valley, Baltistan

Hushe Valley Travel Guide

Hushe is the Karakoram’s fantasy land. It is a versatile home of mountaineering activities including climbing, rock climbing, trekking and adventure photography. A land of granite towers, beautiful peaks, challenging glaciers and noisy rivers, there is a lot much to choose from in Hushe. Hushe valley stretches from the bank…

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