Shausar Lake is the biggest charm for tourists visiting one of the highest plateaus of the world. This lake is renowned for its magnificence, size and location among the high altitude wetlands lovers. The deep blue water and the dense green grassy boundaries of the lake add an enormous grandeur to this broad and high Deo Sai plateau. Uniquely colored flowers of different shapes and sizes; and the gigantic water of the lake in the background is an exclusive exposure. Plenty of Golden Marmots, emerging from the land, whistling and hiding back; are another interesting experience here.

In addition to its magnificence, Shaucer is also a large round lake; approx. 1.5 KM in diameter.  The meaning of ‘Shaucer’ is ‘blind’ in Shina language. This name is also spelled as ‘Sheosar’ and ‘Shausar’in different maps. This name was given because there is no water out from this lake. This lake stays frozen for most of the year. The water source is heavily snow coated plains till the end of June.

Located at an altitude of 4100 meters in Deo Sai, this lake is accessible from Astore and Skardu. Deo Sai is one of the highest plateaus; spreading over 3000 square kilometers and nowhere below 4000 meters. The lake is at the Astore side of Deo Sai and one and half hour jeep drive from Chilam. From Astore to Shaucer, a jeep usually takes 4 to 5 hours. From Skardu, it may take about 8 hours by crossing the Deo Sai plateau. A jeep safari from Satpara Lake in Skardu is the quickest option for Deo Sai. A steep zig-zag road enters into Deo Sai at Ali Malik Pass. Several water crossings, picturesque bridge at Barra Pani and endless grassy plains are the other rewards before reaching the Shaucer.

Most visitors prefer privately hired Jeeps to reach Shaucer whereas many adventure lovers find it more thrilling by trekking or motor bikes. The usual camping spots in Deo Sai are Shaucer Lake, Barra Pani and Ali Malik Pass. The best season for Deo Sai is from mid-June to end of September. Due to cold and extremely unpredictable weather conditions, it requires reliable camping gear along with food arrangements to camp anywhere in Deo Sai.

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