Glossy Ibis

Glossy ibis by Tahir Abbas Awan
Glossy ibis by Tahir Abbas Awan

Glossy Ibis finds it feeding in shallow waters. They nest in freshwater or wetlands in reeds, papyrus or rushes and small trees or bushes. They prefer marshes around lakes and rivers but also found at lagoons, flood-plains, wet meadows, reservoirs, sewage ponds, paddies and irrigated farmland.

The diet of the Glossy Ibis is insects, Annelida, crustaceans and occasionally fish, amphibians, lizards, small snakes and nestling birds.

Glossy Ibis is 19–26 inches long, averaging 23.4 inches with 31–41 inches wingspan. The body mass can range from 485 to 970 gram.

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