The thrilling 3-day Baroghil Festival concluded. This unique festival featuring yak polo, donkey polo and horse polo attracted a large number of Pakistanis from across the country. The other main events include buzz kashi, horse race, yak race, horse and cattle show, Wakhi musical shows. People also enjoyed a variety of local cuisine and handicrafts exhibition by Wakhi locals.

In the horse polo final, the Baroghil team beated Ishkoman team by one goal. The unique yak polo event’s final was won by Laskhkar Gaz team competing Chikar village by 4 to 3 goals. The Chikar village retaliated to their defeat in the yak polo and thrashed the Laskhar Gaz team by 5-0 to clinch the title of donkey polo. The Buz kashi was won by Anwar Baig of Baroghil.

The Baroghil Festival event was conducted in the Baroghil Valley in the Chitral to project the natural and culture attractions of the valley from 22-24 August 2014.

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