The altitude at the base camp of Masherbrum is above 4200 meters. A guide from Hushe is recommended as this can save a lot of time and efforts. This is not a technical trek and can be an excellent base camp exposure for experienced as well as new trekkers.

Hushe to Parbisan

This is an easy walk through the cultivated fields to the bank of Hushe River at the left end of the village. After crossing the footbridge over the noisy river, it is a gentle walk under the high rock walls and along the river.

It can take two hours to reach at the junction of the Honboro and Hushe rivers. This is also the meeting point of three famous valleys i.e. Aling, Masherbrum and Gondogoro. A temporary hanging bridge over the river is the only way to get across. A clear water stream and shadow of trees surrounded by high rock towers make it an ideal rest spot.

The first camping stage of Parbisan is about 30 minutes’ gentle walk over the sandy and stony path. Parbisan is a calm camping spot under the trees and rose bushes with availability of fresh water.

Parbisan to Brumbarmah

After crossing the Parbisan woods, it’s the start of the glacier moraine which can be difficult to climb on. The Masherbrum glacier is at a short distance; and the walk on the edges of soft muddy ridge takes about an hour to reach to the top of the ridge. Once on the ridge, the path is easier and the views are great in every direction. From Masherbrum Glacier at the right side to the Masherbrum, it is a variety of magnificence.

The Brumbarmah campsite is on the left side of the moraine and the ridge you are walking on.  It’s a dark green grassy field in the deep. This deep rectangular area becomes a beautiful lake in the month of July when the snow is melting. Later in the season, the water drain out leaving this field as a grassy ground filled with flowers.

The first two stages can be done in 6 to 7 hours from Hushe by those who are fit and acclimatized.

Brumbarmah to Masherbrum Base Camp

This is a beautiful walk of upto 2 hours to reach the Masherbrum base camp from Brumbarmah. The mountainside is green with white snow at the top.

A short but steep glacier crossing is required just before reaching the Masherbrum base camp. This is a closed bowl of shining snows and 7000 meters high walls. A breathtaking view of sub peaks of Masherbrum massif makes it ideal mountain scenery. The complete view of 7821 meters high Masherbrum Peak is from the Baltoro Glacier which is on the other side of this impassable high wall.

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