A 3-day Kumrat summer sports and cultural festival concluded in the majestic valley of Kumrat. A colourful ceremony held with a spectacular display of firework to conclude the event.

Local officials, elders and a large number of spectators from around the country attended the concluding ceremony. Matches of various games, including cricket, volleyball, tag-of-war, Kabadi, horse race and a popular traditional game of “Sakhay” were played in the three-day sports competition.

Tourists and local people enjoyed the games as tourists also participated in the competitions. They enjoyed the traditional game of Sakhay. A large number of spectators watched Sakhay. The matches of Sakhay attracted more spectators compared to other games like cricket, volleyball and tag-of-war.

District Nazim said in the closing ceremony that they had planned to organise the event in Eid holidays because thousands of tourists visited Kumrat. “We organised the event so that the tourists could enjoy the beauty of Kumrat,” he added. Deputy Commissioner Usman Mehsud said that the aim of the event was to promote tourism in the Kumrat valley. He said that thousands of the people came from almost all parts of the country to participate in the event.

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