Among other Hushe Valley treks, the K6-K7 base camp trek is renowned for magnificent mountain views of K6 (7281 m), K7 (6934 m), Link Sar (7041m), Kapura Peak (6545 m), Drifikar (6650m) and Namikar Peak (6325m). All these mountain peaks make this trek a stimulating thought for the visitors of Hushe Valley.

This trek does not require any technical mountaineering or trekking skills and can be done easily in 3 to 4 days.

Hushe to Saitcho

From Hushe to Saitcho is an easy walk with superb views of Masherbrum in the front. Passing through the cultivated fields, you will reach to the stones boundary wall of the village in 10 minutes. Keeping to the right and under the shadow of high rocky straight wall, you will reach to a patch of willow woods and fresh water stream. There are few temporary huts of shepherds who take care of domestic animals in the summer. It will take about one and half hour when you reach to the junction of Charuksa and Gondogor rivers. The Gondogoro glacier is also visible from here. By crossing two wooden bridges one on the Charuksa River and other on a side stream, you will reach the Saitcho.

Saitcho to Spangser

It takes about one hour to reach the top of the lateral moraine of the Charakusa Glacier from the Saitcho. Another hour of following the northern glacier moraine takes you to the junction of Charakusa and Chogolisa glaciers.

Spangser to Base Camp

It is a 3 to 4 hours trekking over and along the glacier with splendid views of the K6 and K7 peaks. A great white vertical wall between 6000 meters to 7281 meters is an impressive exposure.

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