The federal government of Pakistan has decided to launch a train service from Islamabad to Murree. This decision has been made to promote tourism in the famous Murree and Galiat hills region. The track for tourist train from Margalla Railway Station to Murree will be started soon. The area from Islamabad to Murree is mainly a scenic hilly region and it can be an attractive train safari for tourists.

Pakistan Railways is already working on to restore the rail services to some major tourist attractions. The initial plan by the Pakistan Railways was to restore the tourist routes from Rawalpindi to Taxila, Attock Khurd, Rohtas Fort, Mangla Dam and Khewra Salt Mines. Some new destinations including Changa Manga, Multan, Bahawalpur, Badeen, Thatta and Mohenjo Daro are now also added to the tourist routes. The relevant Provincial Cultural Departments will also cooperate in this initiative. Afterwards, the Railways will extend its tourist train operations to other entertaining spots of the country.

Such initiatives by the Pakistan Railway are positive steps towards the promotion of tourism in Pakistan. In addition to tourists, the train routes will also help local population in traveling and transportation.

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