Simly Lake, also known as Simly Dam is a relatively less known and hidden beauty of Margalla. Located at the far end of Bharakahu, this water reservoir is a serene lake surrounded by green Margall Hills and Forests. Due to the less known location and visitors’ attention, this beautiful lake remains in silence.

Simly Dam Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the entire region. This green surrounded lake at a quiet location deserves much more attention of the lakes lovers. At present, the lake is on a few minutes’ walk through a thick forest after the last possible parking spot. A permanent road till the edge of the lake was constructed in the past which now looks like a narrow trek covered with the bushes and trees. Only few locals from the surrounding villages enjoy their time fishing at the lake. Take your food and cooking gear with you as an abundant restaurant which looks like a haunted house in the jungle right on the lake can be a suitable cooking and resting spot.

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