Shigar valley becomes the first when identifying the most congested cluster of world’s highest peaks in any specific mountain area. Starting from the K2 to the bank of Indus in Skardu, an uncountable list of splendors and wonders are located in Shigar valley.

Beside the mountains and adventures, Shigar valley’s cultural heritage is also rich. One of the symbols that represent the heritage of Shigar and Baltistan is historic fort of Shigar. Locally named Fong-Khar, this palace was once the residence of Raja of Shigar in 17th century’s Amacha dynasty.

The palace was renovated and converted into a museum in 2004 by Aga Khan Cultural Service Pakistan. Like the historic Khaplu Palace, Shigar Fort Residence is also an award winning heritage conservation project restored by the AKCSP. Currently, the Shigar Fort is also serving as a hotel with contemporary amenities under the management of Serena Hotels.

The Shigar Fort is 30KM away from Skardu and easily accessible through a smooth road. Public and private transport is available from Skardu to Shigar town. It can also be a delightful tea break at Shigar Fort for those heading up to Askole for extensive excursion up the Baltoro and Biafo regions.

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