The 83 KM travel from the Astore to Minimarg is a thrilling jeep safari. This is comparatively a safe journey on a partially carpeted road and takes about 5 hours. The only hurdle is to win a visit permission from the FCNA headquarter at Gilgit. Due to its geographic location and security importance, Minimarg is closed for unauthorized tourists.

The renowned Chilam Chowki is the entry point for Minimarg. Chilam at 3800M is also the entry point for Deo Sai National Park and a famous staying point due to availability of small hotels and food.

Traditional Burzil Pass – the famous trade route between Kashmir to China is the gateway to Minimarg. 4000 meters high Burzil pass provides excellent views of grassy slopes filled with flowers. A steep and long slope with interesting surroundings leads to the Minimarg from the Burzil top. Due to heavy snow at the Burzil pass, the Minimarg is accessible from July to September.

Minimarg contains everything which can leave a lasting impression on mind. The multistory wooden cottages give Minimarg a unique identity. Usually built amid the fertile and leveled fields with high lush green mountains in the background, these cottages add perfection to an imaginary like landscape. The mountain slopes are grassy at lower ends and covered with thick pine forests at the tops. A fast flowing stream with its blue waters offers deep serenity.

Minimarg is a good base for exploring Domel, Rainbow Lake and Chota Deo Sai. Domel and Chotta Deo Sai are extremely recommended areas around Minimarg. Heavily forested Domel and magnificently maintained Rainbow Lake are crowns of Minimarg. For enthusiastic trekkers, it is also possible to trek down to Tao Butt in Neelam valley from Kamri.

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