Seh Kundi Meadows trekking guide

With the rapid increase in the passion for tourism in Pakistan, prominent and well known mountain destinations are getting over-crowded. In addition, serious problems like garbage, high increase in tour costs and elimination of nature for commercial benefits is damaging the natural attractions. Finding a destination which is full of serenity, purity and isolation is becoming a challenge for true nature lovers.

For such enthusiasts who have strong passion for the nature, hidden pearls of natural beauty are still there. One of such pearls is Seh Kundi which is one of the biggest charm of the Kaghan Valley. This less known adventure destination holds a lot of attractions and can be availed in a couple of days’ trip.

Kundi Meadows also known as Seh Kundi Meadows, is an ideal camping destination for trekkers. This vast summer pasture with grassy landscapes, clear water streams and grazing flocks of domestic animals is accessible from June to October. The Seh Kindi Meadows are located in Kaghan valley and the trek starts from the Rajwal village approximately 8 km after Kaghan.

From the main Kaghan-Naran road, the treks starts after crossing the bridge over the Kunhar River. A consistent and steep hike is required to become one of few people who are lucky enough to visit this lush mountain top. It can take about 4 to 6 hours, depending on the physical strength, hiking style and weather conditions. The most of the hike is through a dense forest with exciting views down to the Kunhar River and Kaghan Valley. There are en-route water springs but carrying water bottles is recommended to keep yourself hydrate.

As the elevation increases and the altitude reaches to the tree-line limits, the grassy slopes start replacing the forest and trees. This is a sign of approaching the top and the destination. The Seh Kundi Meadows are located at an altitude of 3500 meters.

Once on the top, it is a breathtaking view of an expanse lush green landscape encircled by snowy heights. The floor is enriched with soft shiny grass and plenty of colorful flowers. The refreshing clean breeze recharges the energies after a long laborious walk. Herds of grazing sheep and horses complete the portrait of a heavenly dreamland.

This serene land is an ideal ground for camping. It is a must to carry good camping gear, food and stove to avoid any discomforts. The nights can be cooler with fair chances of rain. A clear sky in the night is simply a unique painting of uncountable super bright and bold stars on a dark canvas.

It is important to remind that responsible traveling and environment friendly practices are essential for all of us! If we wish for a beautiful, awe-inspiring destination for pleasure, it is also our duty to leave it neat and clean for those who are following us.