Shigro Dhand Waterfall

When we talk about the Swat Valley, it’s not only Bahrain, Kalam, Mahudand and Malam Jabba! Most of the Swat Valley tourists are unaware of hidden splendors of this vast heavenly land. Do you know there are more than 20 lakes in Swat region? Ever heard about sky touching and lush green meadows in Swat? Someone told you about the magnificent waterfalls? If this sounds interesting, we can guide to through a less known waterfall which is quite easy to approach.

shigro dhand waterfall

Shigro Dhand is located in the village Shingrai – Manglor, Swat. The word ‘dhand’ is used for water in local language. The Shigro Dhand is beautiful waterfall located in a deep gorge surrounded by high rocky hills. It’s about an hour’s drive from Mingora to reach Shingrai. The drive is through the Fiza Gatt, Manglor fruit farms and scenic mountain villages. The whole journey is awesome with some unique bird eye views of the Swat River flowing down at a distance.

Private and public transport can be hired for Shingrai from the Vatke Van Stop in Mingora. After entering into the Manglor, right after the Fiza Gatt, the road conditions are not ideal but not extremely bad either. This is a rural area with a number of small villages and fertile fields. The road ends at Shingrai Village which comprises few shops, a beautiful Masjid and small houses.

A narrow village street from the road leads to the waterfall. The local kids feel excitement in guiding tourists out of the zigzag streets. It takes about 5 minutes to be on the trek out of the village houses. The trek is actually a steep spiral slope over the narrow stony path which takes 20 to 30 minutes to reach the waterfall.

In a sunny or hot day, it can be a challenging walk. Two water springs are en-trek for cold and clean drinking water but carrying a water bottle is recommended. Carry your own food and drinks as there are no shops of cafe through the trek or at the waterfall.

water spring on shigro dhand trek

From half of the way, the waterfall appears at a distance in the depth of the gorge surrounded by trees. As approaching to the waterfall, the vegetation improves and several trees with cooler breeze provide a pleasant feel of comfort and freshness. The water-flow of Shigro Dhand depends upon the weather conditions and during rains, its flow can be extremely high.

It can be a good day round trip from Mingora or Fiza Gatt for explorers. Attempting the Shigro Dhand with kids is not recommended due to the steep narrow trek which can be risky. Be steady on your way back or take an alternative longer route for easier return.

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