Karore Sand Waterfall

It would be unbelievable for many nature lovers that a stunning and crystal clear waterfall is just an hour’s drive away from Islamabad. Hidden in the forested hills and beside the Simly Dam, this splendid spot exceeds the expectations of all visitors. It has been named for the Karore – a village located on the Karore-Ban Road in the tehsil Kotli Sattian of Rawalpindi division.

Karor Sand Waterfall

The Karore Sand (کرور ساند) is perhaps the best day-out destination for energetic explorers from Rawalpindi and Islamabad. This can also be a glorious pick for the enthusiastic tourists visiting Murree. Unfortunately, the location and terrain are not friendly enough for family travelers. In addition, no tourist facilities like restaurants and shops are there which restrict this natural splendor to be a family picnic spot.

There are multiple possible routes to access Karore Sand from Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Murree. A prominent tourist information hoarding over the Karore-ban road mentioning the ‘Kotli Sattian Touist Place‘ is the point from where the side road for Karore Sand starts. The distance is almost same from all directions except the road conditions from Murree are not very ideal at some spots.

Karore Ban Road

The Murree visitors may start their journey from Patriata where a side road leaves the main road at Ban (بن). This route is one of the best off-road drives in the Murree region. The distance from Patriata to Karore Sand Waterfall is approx. 39 KM through thick forests. Further information on this route is available here. The last 5 KM are on a narrow side rough road and need steady and careful driving on the frequent turns.

The most suitable option for visitors from Rawalpindi is to start from the Khanna Bridge located on the Islamabad Highway. This route is called Lehtrar Road and leads to the Charah Village. Just before Charah Village, it needs to take a left turn on the road which is leading to Karore, Ban and ends at Patriata. The total driving distance from Khanna Pul to the last point before Karore Sand Waterfall is approx. 35 KM.

Simly Dam view from the Karor Sand side road

Enthusiasts starting from Islamabad may opt for the Khanna Pul route or drive through the Simly Dam Road starting from Bharakahu. The Simly Dam Road route is approx. 28 KM with an additional possibility of visiting Simly Dam Lake which is an awesome lake located at a remote location. A long dark tunnel just before the Simly Dam joins the Simly Dam and Karore-Ban roads. A sharp left turn is required to continue further towards the Karore Sand Waterfall.

There are large water ponds at about 4KM on the side road which offer excellent short stay and swimming options. The water of the ponds is flowing down from the Karore Sand Waterfall. The view of surrounding hills covered with lush green trees is awesome. It is important to find a proper place for car or bikes as this road is too narrow for parking.

There is another side road on the right after half a kilometer which requires a further half a kilometer drive before start hiking. An un-carpeted path on the right is leading towards the Waterfall and may also be suitable place for parking. The waterfall is visible at a distance from this spot and the first view of waterfall would be enough to satisfy all the excursion so far. The hike is through the bushes and stones and on a less identifiable declining trek. It ends at a ridge on the edge of the water stream flowing down from the waterfall.

Here, some rock climbing skills are required to decline and reach to the boulders in the stream. This is a tricky session of jumping over the boulders, finding the right path in a fast flowing stream. It might take 15 to 20 minutes to keep moving up and reach the destination.

Karor Sand Waterfall - Kotli Sattian

The showering, noisy and moderately cool feel of the waterfall is thrilling enough. The deep blue water pond under the waterfall is in-resistible. Be careful as the water is too deep and without swimming skills it can be very risky. Usually, small number of local boys and visitors are there but overall this is very tranquil place under the tree covered hills. It is recommended to carry the food and water for the trip as no eatables are available after leaving the main Karore-Ban Road.

To accept that such a magnificent waterfall exists too close to Rawalpindi-Islamabad, only the ‘seeing is believing‘ can help!

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