Leepa Valley travel guide

Leepa Valley Travel Guide

In the presence of Neelum Valley, it’s very difficult to take eyes away from the majestic splendors of this top ranked belt. This valley remained and will remain the first priority for the travelers of Azad Kashmir. But for those who consider the less known but unique destinations, Jhelum Valley…

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Banjosa Lake and Toli Pir in Rawalakot

Banjosa Lake and Toli Peer – Beyond the Tops

The green and sparkling Banjosa Lake reflects the colors of dense forests starting from its edges and spreading to the mountain tops. This lush impression along with several tourist facilities make it the most popular destination around Rawalakot, AJK. Toli Peer is a highly picturesque mountain destination in Azad Kashmir.…

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Ratti Gali Lake trekking guide

Ratti Gali Lake Trekking Guide

One of the extra ordinary trekking attractions in moderated altitude category is Ratti Gali Lake. The most sparkling crowns of the Neelum Valley, Ratti Gali Lake is located at 3600 meters and surrounded by grassy slopes and a number of waterfalls. Ratti Gali Lake is accessible from three routes i.e.…

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Neelum River at Taobutt

تاﺅ بٹ

تاﺅ بٹ کسی شخصیت کا نہیں بلکہ پاکستان کی سب سے خوبصورت وادی کا نام ہے! وادی نیلم کے انتہائی شمال میں واقع یہ وادی ان علاقوں میں سے ہے جس کی کسی بھی زاویے سے لی گئی تصویر قدرتی حسن کا ایک شاہکار قرارپاتی ہے۔ گھنے جنگلات کی بات…

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