PTDC Motel Naran

For booking your accommodation directly with the Manager PTDC Motel Naran.


Standard Rooms: Single Room: Rs.4,060 per night. Double Room: Rs.5,040 per night.
Cabana Hut: Single: Rs.5,900 per night. Double: Rs.7,000 per night
Surti Hut (one room):Rs.8,850 per night
Surti Hut (02 rooms):Rs.17,820 per night
River Cottage (02 rooms):Rs.17,820 per night
Pine Cottage (02 rooms):Rs.17,820 per night
Kunhar Cottage (4 rooms):Rs.20,270 per night
View Cottage (one room):Rs.12,290 per night
Hill Top Cottage (01 room):Rs.12,290 per night
Extra Mattress (for double room only): Rs.500 + tax per mattress per night.

Please get official receipt of all payments you make during your stay.

  • 0997-430002 or 0997-430111
  • +92-51-9271588
  • Naran, Naran, Kaghan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

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